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Discover the simplicity of BBQDISQ. Follow these easy steps to keep your barbecue clean and ready for your next grilling session.

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Which BBQs Are Compatible?

Explore the range of BBQs that seamlessly integrate with BBQDISQ for effortless grilling experiences and hassle-free cleaning.


47cm – 57cm kettle BBQ’s

BBQDISQ is perfectly designed for 47cm and 57cm Weber kettle barbecues. Enjoy a cleaner grilling experience with our versatile and efficient solution.


47cm – 57cm kettle BBQ’s

BBQDISQ is expertly crafted to fit Napoleon kettle barbecues. Experience hassle-free cleaning with our innovative solution for 47cm and 57cm models.

Other brands

47cm – 57cm kettle BBQ’s

BBQDISQ is compatible with various kettle barbecues. As long as your grill fits the 47cm or 57cm dimensions, our solution ensures effortless cleaning.

How it all started.

Our story began after yet another cleaning session following a barbecue evening. Two friends pondered, “There must be a better way.” They experimented with various existing solutions, but none delivered the desired results. And thus, the idea was born. They drafted a prototype and commenced testing. Initially, they struggled to find the right dimensions and materials. The first iteration lacked proper airflow, resulting in improperly cooked meat. However, through persistence, they struck the perfect balance, giving rise to BBQDISQ.

Our Core Values

Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction drives everything we do at BBQDISQ.


We are committed to simplifying the barbecue cleaning process, ensuring that our product is effortless to use and saves valuable time for our customers.


Striving for excellence in functionality, design and service, we stand at the forefront of innovative barbecue solutions.


We believe in creating products contribute to a more sustainable world by reducing waste because the BBQDISQ is reusable.

Have Questions? Contact Us!

If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is here to help you make the most of your BBQDISQ experience. Contact us today for more information or support!

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